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MERIT Program Information

 M aximizing

 E ducation to

 R ealize

 I ntellectual

 T ransformation

Thomas County Central High School is committed to providing a world-class education that will prepare students to compete for admission to our nation’s most selective colleges and universities. The MERIT program is designed to challenge students at the highest level while providing a supportive environment for advanced study and recognition for outstanding academic achievement.  It is an incentive program to promote academic excellence in class, at academic competitions, and on national and state exams.  

TCCHS MERIT students take a range of Advanced Placement, Honors, and Dual Enrollment classes.  Students who qualify may enroll in a program to earn an associates degree by the time of their high school graduation.  Students participate in special field trips throughout the year and receive recognitions for outstanding academic achievement.  They can qualify for the Academic Patch and Letter Jacket and also may earn recognition as an AP Scholar.  Upon completion of high school, MERIT students who complete the program earn the MERIT seal on their diploma and wear the MERIT stole at graduation. 

To earn and maintain TCCHS MERIT status, students must:

     - Take a minimum of 2 AP, Honors, and/or Dual Enrollment classes each year.

     - Take a total of 4 AP or Dual Enrollment classes total.

     - Earn 4 high school foreign language credits (4 in one language, or 2 credits each in 2 different languages).

     - Maintain an 85 or higher weighted GPA.

     -Complete and document a minimum of 20 community service hours per year.

     -Participate in at least one extracurricular activity per year - a sport, band, academic competition, club, or student government.

     -Participate in at least one academic competition per year.

High school students intending to earn the MERIT designation should review this information and schedule a meeting with TCCHS MERIT Coordinator Erin White ( or call the MERIT Office and leave a message at 413-1704 to discuss any questions or concerns as well as to document progress toward the designation.